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about us
Having been in the Business for over 17 years, Hawkeye Turf Farms is here to help you with all of your sod and turf needs. Regardless of whether you are a private homeowner looking to revap your lawn, or a Landscaping Company wanting to have a reliable, professional and knowledgeable staff ready to assist you, no job is too big or too small. 
Building a professional relationship with us, we can provide you with three things. Number one being quality. Quality for us means our soil base and rooting system  on our freshly cut and delivered sod brings with it a wonderful foundation to insure superior growth. No tearing, no 'piecing together', no frustration!
This brings us to nuber two, time. Taking the frustration and time it takes to piece together a lawn out of the equasion, the amount we can save you is quantifiable! Lower labor costs, happy workers and a better looking finished product. 
Customer Satisfaction is key for us, and we are sure your company is no different. With a immaculate finished product, there is no doubt you will leave knowing the quality will prove itself- year after year.
In brief, we can deliver quality, save you time, and provide a sense of comfort knowing you used the best- and your Customers love knowing they have the best.
Call us today if you have any questions or to recieve a free quote. We would love to hear from you!